Preserve Lamorinda Open Space

About PLOS

Preserve Lamorinda Open Space is an association of local residents that formed in 2001 in response to a shared concern about development and open space issues in our area.

Preserve Lamorinda Open Space works to protect open space, ridgelines, and wildlife from damaging development by encouraging public participation in the local, state and federal agency review and permitting processes. Hundreds of Lamorinda residents have responded in support these efforts.

Preserve Lamorinda Open Space is guided by a steering committee of individuals with interest and expertise in issues such as environmental protection, public health, wildlife and ecology, and building sustainable communities. Members of the committee live in Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda.

They are:
Jacques Blumer
Susa Cooper
Suzanne Jones
Michele Perrault
Susan Sperry
Amelia Wilson

PLOS can be contacted at:

Preserve Lamorinda Open Space
P.O. Box 6632
Moraga, CA 94570-6632

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